Tough Momma Tessa - The Update

In the past few years the Burnett house has been a busy one! On August 26, 2017 we welcomed home our baby girl, Isla Ann Burnett. Pregnancy was an exciting and interesting time for me. It was so neat to see my body transform from athlete to mom. I had a very uneventful pregnancy with the normal symptoms of heart burn and morning sickness, and a new-found appreciation for all those mothers out there. I had a gruelling 21-hour labor, but it was all worth it in the end and our hearts could not be more full.


Isla has been such a wonderful baby. She sleeps really well and is an “easy” baby, from what I have been told. It’s been so amazing watching her grow these past 15 months. She brings so much love and light to our lives. I love being a mom!

Through this journey I have gained a new passion in working with pre and post-natal women. I myself have finally returned to running after a 2-year break. This was really hard for me, because running is my other passion. I have learned so much about my body through this journey and how different it is, working out while pregnant and post-partum. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to take it SLOW. Your body goes through SOOOOO much change and stress during both pregnancy and post-partum, that adding exercise into the mix is not always a good idea. The biggest piece of advice I would give a post-partum mom is to relax and enjoy your baby. You have lots of time to get back in shape you don’t need to rush into it. When you do start back, it is very important to make sure you are doing exercises that are helping you heal instead making things worse. For me that was NO RUNNING! I also suggest see a pelvic floor physio!!

One exercise I found that helped me was Belly Breaths with Belly Button Pull Downs. I could plunk Isla down beside me at home and get them done quite easily. During pregnancy all those rippling six pack abs you once had get all stretched out and lazy. This exercise helps bring everything back in and activate those deep core muscles again.

I finally now feel back to my normal self and it’s been 15 months!! It’s a long journey. But I learned to accept it and enjoy it!

Tessa (and Isla) with the Calgary International Track Club

Tessa (and Isla) with the Calgary International Track Club

Being a mom takes up most of my time these days. Like I said earlier, I have a new-found respect for all those moms out there, especially single parents! (I don’t know what I would do without Wilson). I have started back working in the gym with my lovely clients after a short 3-month maternity leave. I have also been coaching once a week with Calgary International Track Club. Sometimes you will see Isla in tow with me at track practice (like the picture) with all the kids doting over her. I spend the rest of the time taking Isla everywhere and letting her discover the world around her.